Archived Sermons

2020 Archived Sermons


January 3:  “The One Who Gave Thanks For It All”

January 10:  “Image of God”

January 17:  “The Creator:

January 24:  “Before All Things”

January 31:  “Head of the Body”

February 7:  “First to Rise From the Dead”

February 14:  “The Redeemer”

February 21:  “The Road to Capernaum”

February 28:  “The Road to Judea”

March 7:  “The Bethany Road”

March 14: “The Samaria Road”

March 21:  “The Jericho Road”

March 28:  “The Mount of Olives’ Road” 

April 1 Maundy Thursday:  “The Gethsemane Road”

April 4 Easter Sunday:  “The Emmaus Road”  
Sonrise Service: “Angels at Sunrise”

April 11:  “Why Women?”

April 18:  “The Three Least Likely”

April 25:  “Two Sunday Evenings”

May 2:  “Beach Breakfast”

May 9:  “Legal Proof”

May 16:  “Last Words”

May 23 Pentecost Sunday:  “The Feast of Shavu’ot”

May 30:  “The Situation at Ephesus”